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Mike Barber - DNA Expert Mike Barber – DNA Expert Mike Barber is a DNA testing scientist who has been working with DNA paternity test systems and DNA family tree analysis since the first human identification, genetic testing methods were developed in the late 1980s.

He was a pioneer in the use of the earliest technique to test paternity and other family relationships (the so called single locus probe method). He was born and grew up in Fife, Scotland and gained an honors degree in biochemistry at the University of Stirling in the early eighties.

He became known internationally when he was asked to be part of a multi-national delegation of experts to Thailand following the tsunami mass disaster. He used his knowledge to assist in the sad task of DNA identification of the tsunami fatalities using DNA samples from the victims’ known relatives.

He was also recognized with a formal Commendation for his tireless work in the identification of the victims of the Sharm el-Sheikh terrorist bomb attacks in 2005. He is a leading expert in the DNA testing field and helped developed some of the most advanced automated testing systems available in the industry.

Mike has helped many families discover their true birth parents and other relationships and retains a genuine passion for his subject. He put this website together to share his knowledge and provide a user-friendly completely independent guide to those of us who want to know about the different aspects of personal DNA testing.

The industry and choices can be confusing to those who don’t know it in detail.  For example are you interested knowing how to choose a company for a paternity test? What prenatal tests are available? Are tests non-invasive? How to use DNA to help discover your family tree? How to discover your ancestry and origins? How do the tests work? What is autosomal DNA? What is mtDNA? What are SNPs and how are they used?

We aim to help you in all of this in one easy to use website and really hope to give you a fascinating and informative experience at the same time.

If you have a question that is not covered by one of articles on the site, just raise your question through the contact form, and, after making it anonymous, we may publish it on the site for the many thousands of visitors that might have a similar question.