DNA Maternity Test

Are You My Mother?

Maternity art2 DNA testing to find mother. Usually the identity of a person’s mother is known simply from the fact that there is a record of the birth event. But sometimes records are uncertain especially when children have been adopted immediately after being born or early in life and whose family name has changed.

For maternity testing the approach is identical to paternity testing and STRs are used. The only difference being that if the mother is uncertain it is perhaps more likely that no sample will be available from the known father to help with the statistical analysis (because of this some companies offer additional tests to improve the statistical strength of the result when there is a match with mother and there is no paternal sample). Even if father is not available and whether or not you choose an option to have additional tests, STR analysis is the best method and represents a powerful, affordable maternity test that is commonly offered and easy to order from many testing companies for both peace-of-mind as well as legal purposes.

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