How Much Does A Paternity Test Cost

What are you getting for your money?

The Cost of Paternity Tests?
USCurrencyCharges can be broken down in different ways but for a complete paternity test including kit, shipping and sampling for a standard trio (mother, child and questioned father). Expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $300 for “piece-of-mind” testing and $300 to $550 for a legal DNA test. See our testing company comparison table detailing prices and services of most of the prominent online services and links to their websites. At the cheaper end you might expect some compromises on quality of service. Higher quality quick services generally start at around $160 but be sure to look at the published details and understand what you get for your money. If you can’t get much detail from the companies website or other source then its probably safer to avoid them. Some testing companies promote dedicated phone lines or offer live on-line Q&As, it’s a good idea to use these services, not just to ask technical questions about the test, but also check what is included and what isn’t in the price so you are clear exactly what the total cost of the test will be. The guide below will help you choose.

The Cost of Prenatal Tests?
The cost of testing samples collected by an invasive method (amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling – see Prenatal Paternity Testing) can vary between around $250 to $600. However, you need to add on the charge made by the clinic that carries out the sample procedure, usually in excess of $800. The safer non-invasive test uses a different type of technology and costs between $1250 and $1800. There may also be a collection charge for blood sampling although it will be much less than for invasive sampling. Try and speak to someone from the testing company to understand all of the costs involved; it may also be possible to make staged payments.

What If I Need My Results Urgently?
Pay careful attention and ask about the total time it takes before you can expect your results after all samples have been submitted. If you need to you can often pay for an express service that will deliver your result within a day or two and this will cost an extra $100 or more depending on how fast you want your results.

Should I Pay Extra To Test the Mother As Well?
Some companies at the cheaper end of the range give you the option to test only child and questioned father and charge you slightly less. My advice is to test mother if you can afford to pay a little extra because this will make a huge difference in terms of the probability of paternity when there is a match; there will be a clearer outcome with less room for doubt.

Are Test Kits From Pharmacies And Other Outlets Reliable?
Generally these are fine they simply offer a convenient way for you to obtain your test kit. BUT, like other services, do check the information supplied with the kit or on the web about the quality and cost of the service supplied.

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