DNA Testing - What You Should Know Before You Buy a DNA Test

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How We Can Help

We aim to help those of you who are thinking about DNA testing for purposes such as proving paternity, relationship testing, family tree genealogy or finding out about your ancestors and where they came from. We provide the important information you need before you decide how to spend your money and we hope to give you a fascinating experience at the same time.

The industry and choices can be confusing to those who don’t know it in detail. For example, do you need to decide which paternity test is best for you and which company you should use? Are you interested in paternity test prices from different companies. Do you want to know more about a prenatal paternity test and what options are available? Are tests non-invasive? How to use DNA to research your family tree and find new family members? How to discover your ancestry and origins? How do the tests work? What is autosomal DNA? What is mtDNA? What are SNPs “snips” and how are they used?

If you have a question that is not covered by one of articles on the site, just raise your question through the contact form, we’ll answer it for you and, after making it anonymous, we may publish it on the site for the many thousands of visitors that might have a similar question.

Abstract DNA

Amazing DNA

DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is simply the most important chemical in the living world. Unless you have a twin, yours is unique – it has never been seen before and will never be seen again.– Read more 

Working DNA Scientist

DNA Testing Methods

Here you will find a description of the main types of DNA analysis that companies use to conduct your tests. It’s good know the basics to help you make the right choices for your particular needs.– Read more